Great Advantages

Only with a couple of touch you can please your guests.

Easy to Use.

Your guests can easily access your services.


Time Saving.

You can communicate quickly with your guests using the myHoti application.


Innovative Features.

By using contactless payments, you can get ahead of the services of other hotels and you can add value to your service quality by organizing fast.

About Application

Myhoti application is designed for you to provide maximum service to your guests.

By using myHoti app you can use QR code payment system. You can send notifications with only a touch to your guests, which are the promotions, organizations and contents that you specifically created for them. You can see petition, requests and complaints that comes from your customers immediately and reply them. You can see survey and evaluation information and increase your service quality. You can organize requests from your guests in one mess-free place. Also with myHoti app's rich language content, by using the best communication interface you can keep your guests satisfied.



myHoti application is easy to understand, user friendly, which can bring hotel and hotel guests together and it also has a modern design.

Experience the Difference!

You can have more interaction by directly offering the services of your hotel to the satisfaction of your guests. myHoti is designed with algorithms that can establish the interaction between hotel and hotel guests in the most beneficial way. You can benefit from exclusive features by having the myHoti application right away.

Download App

Download the application to your device to take advantage of myHoti privileges immediately.